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  To live a meaningful life everyday; to continually pursue my predetermined worthwhile goals. -My view of life.

  Could I put myself in the life-threatening working environment? Could I sacrifice my life for the benefits of others? Some people may laugh at my crazy question. To me, that is a serious question I have come a long way to find my answer. “I am not sure whether it is worth to answer”; “What is the true meaning of that question?”

  When I was a young child, I watched a soap opera that was about court. I was deeply impressed by the judge’s calmness and the lawyer’s eloquence and resource that were showed in this opera. From then on, I hoped to study law some day. Fortunately, I performed well in entrance examination and got enrolled into xx University. Then I chose law as my major without hesitation. At university, I studied hard and got GPA 3.4. What’s more, I broadly read all kinds of books, including philosophy, history etc. My teachers’ instruction strengthened my understanding of law and makes me understand the significance of law to a country. From my studies, I had a lot of fun and got more interested in law. Moreover, I actively participated in practice in holidays from common company to law firm and tried to apply the theory I had learned into pra长沙治癫痫哪家好ctice.

  This summer, I had my internship in counselor department in xxx Group Co Ltd which was involved in a business contract dispute, which was submitted to China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission for arbitration. As a representative of the requested applicant, I took part in the evidence collection in the early arbitration stage and clearly explained why the 5% balance of goods was not paid on time. After knowing the whole case, I visited my teacher, an Arbitration Law professor, and listened to her opinions. Realizing the counterpart didn’t completely implement their contract duty, I gave reasons as follows: First, the counterpart company didn’t mention bearing issue, which caused that the delivered machines couldn’t be put into the plant because of the disqualification of workshop. Thus overhaul was necessary, which delayed production and resulted loss. Based on these reasons, the counterpart didn’t completely carry out its duty, so our party did not pay the balance on time. During this time, I found out the evidence and pictures that attested counterpart did not give reasonable suggestion and service, and made a statement in the court. Finally, the arbitration turned out that counterpart compensated our loss, in which the arbiters invoked the reasons that I stated. They had a panel made up of 3 lawyers and 5 company representatives as agents while we just had 3 perso牙关紧闭,四肢短暂的抽搐了几下,这是癫痫吗?ns—two lawyers and me. Under such condition, I was able to cooperate with them and clearly stated my opinions without any nervousness, which got their respect. This matter greatly inspired my enthusiasm on study.

  In addition, I took part in the contact draft in several companies. In the process, when I met a lot of problems, I often turned to my teachers for help, which made good impression on them. As I cherished each practice, I studied my specialty and English hard. With effective study method and diligence, I did well both in English and law, which helped me a lot to get scholarship every year. On the other hand, my practice inspired me to study. In practice, I exercised my legal knowledge. I also realize the big gap between theory and its application—sometimes I have master the rules but I didn’t know how to use it in actual case. My practice experiences have not only strengthened what I learned but have supplied new knowledge for me, which is good for my future study and career.

  In my study and practice, I admired outstanding lawyers’ eloquence and jumping thinking more and more. However, in China, most of lawyers come from theory study and those who can perform well in practice are insufficient. Moreover, after the China’s entrance to WTO, there are a lot of problems with Chinese law. I think, my internship experience is not enough. In practice, I could combine substantive 首都医科大学附属北京世纪坛医院癫痫科好不好law with procedural law to analyze case, but I still feel my theoretical foundation is not solid enough. What’s more, comparably speaking, the chances that I have to initiatively study and practice are not a lot. Thereby, I am eager to study further abroad to know more about foreign law, thoughts and lawyer career so that I am able to stand out in fierce competition.


  比如宾夕法尼亚大学的TESOL专业要求750words之内,康奈尔大学的LLM专业要求750 words之内,弗吉尼亚大学的景观园林专业要求600到750 words之内,佛罗里达大学和宾夕法尼亚大学的建筑专业要求500 words之内。




  我们这里说的字符数指的是计空格的。比如说佛罗里达大学的TESOL专业SP要求5000 字符之内,纽约州立大学纽波兹分校的珠宝设计专业SP要求4000 字符之内。




  研究你所申请的学校。大部分学校会在 admission page上提供校方对申请者的要求。充分了解该所学校, 你愈可能写好你的PS,以此证明你对该所学校确实十分地感兴趣。



  在申请文档中避免不同部分之间的冗长重复,不要只在行文间陈述你的平均绩点和课程,这些东西在申请中是会被予以与其它部分相当的重视,然而如果你认为平均 绩点和课程有所需癫痫如何能够快速治疗解释之处则不妨多写一些。


  在一篇个人陈述中介绍自己可以有着不同的形式格局- 就像每个人讲话一样风格不拘。然而,一篇成功的个人陈述,是一种比较有针对性的自我介绍,聚焦于申请表格提出的两个问题回答"我是谁","我能提供些什么",成功的陈述从未偏离 过这两个主题介绍自身,描述你作为有竞争力候选者的潜能。



  三: 好的开头,成功的一半。


  主体文章: 让人明白你要传达的讯息主要段落必须包含你按照年代顺序或重要程度排列的事件,经历和活动你可以自由地发挥你认为值得重视的成就,可以写得特定而详细,告 诉读者你值得被录取,让他们知道在申请入学的一班人马中,你在某一方面不仅合格而且大大高于其他人的水准,注意:不要显得拖沓,每个段落必须包含一个单独 的主题,并加以评述,你的结束段必须以积极的口吻结尾,重申你的目标,按照你所申请学校的预期要求撰写。








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